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White-trash hybrid

Across the street from Eliot’s preschool is an auto repair shop, and every day I see this exceptional piece of American engineering parked out front:


Yeah, I know: BITCHIN’!! But why do I really care? Because if you look closely, you’ll realize it’s an El Camino. . . with the front end of a Camaro.

It’s. . . an EL CAMARO!

Dude who hybridized a vehicular mullet, I salute you.


  • cardiogirl

    April 9, 2010 at 2:00 am

    Those are mighty rare animals in my current neck of the woods. However I did grow up Downriver which is a section of southeast Michigan comprised of 16-ish cities that are down the Detroit River from the city. Hence the snazzy name.

    Just thought of this: there are no sections north of Detroit called Upriver or Upwind. Huh.

    Regardless, I’ve seen a lot of those cars Downriver. And just to give you some perspective, Taylor — one of the cities down there — is referred to as Taylor-tucky. An ode to Kentucky which, I would guess, is home to many of those hybrids.


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