Get your feet wet

Vashon, Vash-off

Grammy and the girls and I took a scouting expedition to Vashon Island as a potential place for the folks to settle once they’s all relocated here in a year or two, and also as a possibility for Mike and I once the niblets hit school-age.


The ferry ride? “Wawa!!!” A huge hit, and only 20 scant minutes from West Seattle, or a 35-minute foot-ferry from downtown. Also? The Sound, the gulls, the whales? The ferry ride is the Zen meditation of commutes.

Like most other islands in the Sound, Vashon is hilly and forested and rural-feeling, with gorgeous beachfront parks and sea-soaked air, the kind of place where your house represents a cozy retreat from the elements and deer nibble at the vegetable garden, which is frankly why you planted it to begin with. In short, it’s lovely, and though the village holds quite a few small restaurants and shops and even a Thriftway and a cinema (showing “Juno”!), it still feels… reeeeeeeally quiet.

So while I’m not ready to give up the innumerable perks of city life just yet, in a year or three it might prove an amazing place to raise wee girls. Also, for Mike to get some mileage out of this badass alternative commuter vehicle.

More photos.


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