Get your feet wet

Tourists in our own town

Or at least that was the idea when, for a joint Mother’s Day/Michael’s birthday present, we enlisted Grammy and Papa for overnight girl-sitting and booked a room downtown at the W. We’d check in early, wander through the Market, do a little shopping, duck in somewhere for cocktails, languish over dinner at a hot new restaurant down the street.

Instead, over martinis in the lobby, we imagined this as the life we might have lived sans filles, then locked ourselves in that 18th-floor suite until checkout.


  • Bryan

    June 2, 2008 at 12:09 am

    I actually did play tourist on Friday — some friends from New York were in town, so we met down in the Market (at the Pig, no less) got some breakfast and wandered around marveling at the fresh produce, giant fish, some really good buskers out in front of the old SBUX and a native American protest march. They seemed to think there was an unusually high percentage of people with hair colors and/or styles not found in nature, which surprised me, given that they live in Midtown about four blocks from Times Square.

    Still and all, it was … fun. Us locals need to reclaim the market from the tourists.


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