Get your feet wet

The nail in my future PTA presidency coffin

Eliot’s in kindergarten now, and while elementary school is worlds more rigidly structured than preschool, hers does allow for a certain amount of scheduled collective whimsy, in the form of the “(Fill-in-the-Blank) Day.” They’ve had Pajama Day, Wacky Hair Day, and today, the long-awaited Crazy Mustache Day.

I figured we needed a mustache, and we needed crazy, so on my first effort I just went for broke.

On the up side, she’d be the only kid at our hyper-liberal North Seattle elementary school sporting that distinctive look. But then I reconsidered: you never go FULL crazy mustache.

So I reeled it in, and for take two went more Snidely Whiplash.

Not nearly as socio-historically significant (or waterproof!), but Mike finally peeled himself off the ceiling and the kid loved it, and face it, when it comes to facial hair and your 6-year-old daughter, you really just have to pick your battles.

She wins this round…

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