Get your feet wet

The evidence of Amanda’s visit

Apparently, Mandy occasionally reads the site. Also, these items were procured only after Mandy had intricately conveyed to the salesgirls my own interpretation of Eau de Brown Sugar & Fig, eliciting an, “Ooooh, it smells exactly like that!” and a promise to forward said improved description on to corporate. (In related news, two SLC-based Bath & Body Works clerks were fired in egregious violation of the company’s strict sexual harassment policy.)


Truly, resistance is futile.


  • Em.

    May 7, 2008 at 11:47 am

    You mean that smell of morning breath and – what ever that other smell is that permeates every couple’s bedroom in the morning isn’t a turn on to you either?
    So, I’m not alone.. I knew my husband was full of it!
    Horny liar.

    Maple syrup or lemon cake. They have a lotion that smells of lemon cake… alas it also is “shimmer lotion”. I know that I am to old for shimmer lotion, but I have ceased caring. I like to smell like baked goods.


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