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Shameless product placement

For the past few months, I’ve been obsessing on a Bath & Body Works product. I’ve never bought anything from B&BW, but there was something about their Brown Sugar & Fig Body Butter that compelled me to throw fourteen bucks at a salesgirl, speed home and butter myself up.

And ooooh, the fresh creamery-butter goodness. Rich, silky, and god, that scent… I haven’t spent much time commingling figs and brown sugar, but while fruit is very, very good for you, I tend to detect some very different notes.

You know how you spend a day at the beach with your deeply hott significant other, barely clad, massaging sunscreen into warm muscles and teasingly under the band of one another’s swimsuits, and at the end of the day you’re both sun-drunk and sleepy and smelling of salt and sweat and cocoa butter, and the room is cool — a ceiling fan lazily spinning, closed shutters painting the sheets in horizontal light — and everyone’s skin is tanned and sweet and hot, and there is NO keeping your hungry, greedy, insatiable hands off each other? Yeah, THAT SHIT should be the ad copy for the scent of Brown Sugar and Fig Body Butter.

Or maybe I just reeeeeeaaally need a vacation in a place with guaranteed sunlight and a pool. Because the last I checked, we were officially One Month Into Spring, and while the flowers got the memo, someone dropped the ball on telling the weather gods.

Mother%#$@!&# Nature. AAAAAANNDD, off to climb back into that delicious crock.

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