Get your feet wet

Now with double the content overlap!

In keeping with our total inability to share anything — apart from genetic credit for Eliot’s amazing eyelashes and succulent mouth, and only one of us (me) deserves it (me) — Michael and I generally need two of everything: two Apple laptops, two satellite-radio systems, two TiVos, two digital cameras, two stupidly complicated PDA mobiles.

And as of today, we’re officially a late-oughts cliche: ours is a two-blog household.

I figured Mike had given his up after the birth of Nola, since that was the date of his last post, and that his postpartum depression had allowed blogging to be supplanted by crying jags, “Battlestar Galactica,” and chronic masturbation. Touché! In addition to a total site redesign, he’s actually been cataloguing regular posts for future use, and people, the future is today.


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