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Mommy’s little neologist

I absolutely love the English language: etymology, slang, puns, homonyms — all the quirks and cultural nuance that make ESL students think our Anglo-Saxon forebears were inbred jesters slopped up on mead.

So I’m especially enjoying English now as Eliot tries to wrap her chubby fists (and uncooperative tongue) around it. At 28 months, the words just rarely come out right — while on occasion, they come out BETTER than right.

Take yesterday. Just like Daddy, Ellie loves the Wii, and we’d been talking about how when Dada came home that evening, we’d have dinner then head downstairs to play some Wii. She likes all the games, likes to carry their cases around and yell, “WII!!!” and Michael was ready last night to open up the new WiiFit board and give it a workout. Ellie, however, was leaning toward another selection: Wii Guitar Hero.

Which came out like this: “Wiitard! WIITARD!!!”

And ladies and gents, I give you my two adorable Wiitards:


  • Amanda

    May 24, 2008 at 5:39 pm

    I want you to pass along to the king of the Wiitards, that I too now have a Wiitard of my very own. Luke is getting a Wii for his birthday & spent a good portion of yesterday afternoon walking Grandma through BestBuy, showing her Guitar Hero, Mario Kart and other goodies. (There is great love for the Carnival Games game) He did turn his nose up at Wii fit – which I was smitten with form the gate – but might enjoy it one day.

    That is the best picture!! Ellie should be making Uncle Doey proud – and Lars a little jealous.

  • Em.

    May 25, 2008 at 4:41 pm

    Um, I am afraid that my friends kids are all picking up guitars… DO YOU NOT SEE WHERE THIS LEADS???
    I’m worried for your children!


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