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Miss Misery

For the past 10 days or so, we the members of Team Glisson-Ortlieb have been engaged in a delightful yet spirited round of Bacteria Pong. Grammy got the viral ball rolling, deftly passing off to Eliot and Mama, who angrily spiked to Dada. Eliot then executed an unexpected hand-off to Nola, who regifted Mama AND Dada in a remarkable double-play.

Fourteen boxes of Kleenex, one bottle of Contac and countless woozy naps later, the game has devolved into Let’s See Who’s Sicker (“My back!” “MY EYE!”) and shows no signs of ending any time this epoch.

Thankfully, some London researchers today announced that they’ve been successful in breeding mice to catch the common cold. Not that they’re demonstrably closer to a cure,  but it simply warms our stingy cockles knowing that on the other side of the world, a lab full of rodents is making each other JUST AS MISERABLE AS WE ARE.

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  • Amanda

    February 6, 2008 at 7:58 am

    I am reading this as I feel my NyQuil fog switch to DayQuil fog and I completely empathize with your household.
    I hope you all feel so much better soon.


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