Get your feet wet

Internets, you never fail to surprise

I’ll admit to being a total noob at the Flickr — it’s world’s more fun and useful than Picasa, and a lot of the photography is inspiring enough to send me skulking back to Photoshop, where I can totally dick the day away fine-tune my own work.

So I hadn’t even yet begun to explore the Group Pools, where you can apparently satisfy your visual cravings for some really obscure shit. Say, your obsession with Irish buses. Or your quirky fascination in the Crappers of the World. Or your truly disturbing fetish with what’s in other people’s freezers, you unequivocal perv.

And because I had not gone to the Group Pools, the Group Pools came to me. . . Within an hour of posting the shot of Nola smoking a tampon to Flickr, the admin of a Group emailed me requesting I add it her pool, a pool named — and no, I do NOT make this shit up — “Not So Fresh Feeling.”

(I couldn’t do it fast enough, because Nola would be HONORED. And for the first time, she could go viral in a way that didn’t end in scores of people pooping out of both ends.)

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