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I totally would’ve crashed this wedding

A million years ago when I started this half-assed blog, my friend Jillian told me about her friend Becky, who not only liked this lipsticked porker but actually subscribed.

“She’s married, and she lives in Portland, and she doesn’t have kids but says if she did, she’d raise them with the exact kind of mindset you have,” Jillian said. “She loves the blog. Can’t get enough!”

Which naturally made me all, “Becky: TOTAL FUCKING WHACK JOB. . .” But time passed, and the Facebook brought us together, and earlier this year Jillian started hinting that since Becky was a photographer, perhaps it was time for a Glisson-Ortlieb family portrait, and that she might be just the woman for the job. And then when Becky made a weekend stop into Seattle and offered to waive her sitting fee for friends, I peeked at her portfolio then immediately kicked Mike in the wallet, she is THAT GOOD. Wanna see how good? Check out this fine specimen of a Seattle family:


Becky Bagdanoff is basically the coolest portrait photographer I know: all her work is environmental, be it nature or urban, and sitting fee or no, rest assured there AIN’T GONNA BE MUCH SITTIN’ on your shoot. She does everything — families, and babies, and high school seniors and engagement photos — but the WEDDINGS, the weddings albums are spectacular.

And this one really spoke to me.


If I could’ve hidden in the backseat of that badass Mustang and given blotto toasts to everything from their crazy love for each other to her gorgeous blue shoes, I bet they would’ve been so cool they wouldn’t have even made Becky stamp-tool me out of their wedding day memories.


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