Get your feet wet


Between the shitterific presidential campaign and the craptastic economy, it’s easy to feel helpless to respond as an individual. For my own part, I’ve written my legislators every other hour and turned this uncredited illustration into one badass bumper sticker:

Mostly, however, I’ve been responding like every other red-blooded blue-stater: by clacking out indignant blog posts and screaming at the television. (And duh, by binge drinking. It’s safe to say the day Al Qaeda pries the vodka out of my cold, dead hands is the day the enemies of freedom have come to us on American soil because SOMEBODY BLINKED.)

But while I mix up a pitcher of VTs and squeegee the spittle off the flat-screen, other people I know take actual action. Like my pal Rudy Yuly, a singer/songwriter with world tours under his belt and cool friends/co-collaborators (yes, Joan Jett, I would totally make out with you), who crafted an awesome song to benefit Team Obama. So step away from your blogging, search for “Obamabots” at iTunes, and drop less than a dollar on “Yes We Can,” because the people in the idiot box CAN’T HEAR YOU ANYWAY.

(Giving up the binge drinking, on the other hand, simply means The Terrorists Have Won.)

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