Get your feet wet

Getting an early start on Christmas

So when I came across these today on the interwebs, I didn’t see a matricidal
Sally Draper at an AA meeting in 1977, I saw THE MOTHER OF ALL LAMINATED PLACEMATS:


Merry Christmas, girls! Yeahyeah, I know they’re three-and-a-half and two, but expert bartending is like being multilingual — best started in Pull-Ups. Besides, just last night, Eliot was helping Daron with a fish batter and piped up, “It looks like beer!” and has taken to an evening glass of tonic water, which she’ll only take stirred, I REST MY GODDAMNED CASE.

(Before getting to work on the laminating, however, I’m gonna have Michael Photoshop a Vodka Tonic into the Tom Collins spot and sub the perfect Vodka Martini — straight, two olives, just enough vermouth to wet the ice — for the Sidecar, ’cause THEN we’ll be talking about “the USUAL.”)

Oh, and Mike? I can’t wait til there’s a bunch of guys over and there’s a Seahawks game on or something equally testoster-oxious, because that’s when the the girls’ll be trying out that awesome-sounding recipe for Daddy’s usual “Pink Lady”. . .


  • Jen

    October 28, 2009 at 10:05 pm

    These are fab-u-lous! Please advise when Eliot’s Pre-school of Cocktail Artistry is open so I may enroll Kennedy. In the meanwhile, a sloe gin fizz would be delightful – no idea what that is, but I do love the sound of it.

  • cardiogirl

    November 2, 2009 at 6:30 am

    Man this almost makes me want to start drinking. But I can’t hold my alcohol. At all.

    I get stressed out when I drink the wine at church which is basically never since I have a huge issue with germs and backwash.


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