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Empire Way

My oldest and wonderful-est Seattle friend, Rudy Yuly, just released his new band’s eponymous first CD, Empire Way.


Rudy fronted the venerable Seattle ’90s nine-piece, swing-ska band Tiny Hat Orchestra, co-wrote the title track to 2004’s Naked with his pal Joan Jett, and has assembled and participated in loads of other music projects when he’s not not being a rock star, or raising his gorgeous son, or publishing acclaimed crime-fiction novels.

Empire Way is his acoustic alt-country duo with the terrific Leslie Dietz, and it shimmers. Much of it wrestles with themes of longing and loss, and the release is dedicated to Rudy’s mother, who, just prior to its recording, was diagnosed with Stage-4 breast cancer; that’s Dixie on the cover as a teenager, as brash and spirited as in the days that remain.

Empire Way is available on iTunes and Amazon.

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