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Worlds are colliding!!

In the first days of a relationship — at least the kind that causes you to spend every breathing second with each other and your friends to roll their eyes you nauseating tards — the disparate parts of a couple’s lives will quickly merge. For Mike and I, those parts were mostly our genitals. On the…

Misjudging: it’s complicated

More often than not, “celebreality” programming elicits little more than my schadenfreude: the vapidity, the shallowness, the disconnect from the real world by opportunity-rich adults never fails to delight and depress me. And Paris? Nick and Jessica? Britney and Kevin? Dina Lohan? I AM LOOKING AT YOU. (You too, Anna Nicole, but grave-dancing is just…

“Mom, why is Eliot wearing a beehive?”

In hopes of getting her and Dad’s Florida-based selves relocated within spoiling distance of cherished only-grandchildren, my Mom’s been shacking up in the super-deluxe basement luxury suite (because nothing says “well appointed” like a utility sink) for a good six months, job hunting and nuzzling babies and cheerfully enduring our little experiment in multi-generational living….

Way of the Tim Gunn

Not to put too fine a point on it, but Tim Gunn changed my life. While I’ve adored Tim’s hardworking, asexual, fretting-aunt aesthetic for years on “Project Runway,” it wasn’t until the debut some months back of “Guide to Style” that I accepted Tim Gunn into my heart as my personal lord and saviour. And…

The tyranny of DIY home improvement.

So this week I watched a show I categorically despise, for everything from its cloying premise to its shameless product placement to its twaterrific host — “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” To be precise, I TiVoed it. The reason: it featured a Kirkland family, one the local media had been covering since the megaphone-wielding ass appeared…

Sexiest Man A-whhaaaaa??

For those of you not living in the lone Tora Bora cave lacking Wi-Fi and a satt-phone, People just named Matt Damon “Sexiest Man of the Year.” This is amusing if only that Matt can no longer be poked by his Ocean‘s pals George and Brad as to their sexiness superiority creds, but it also…