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An evening with Charlize and Stuart

There are some swell perks to Michael’s job at IMDb, and but one of them is an inexhaustible supply of all things movie-related: tickets, DVDs, merchandising, what have you. And while we rarely take advantage of the offerings, this year we decided to shoehorn our butts off the couch, wrangle some babysitters and attend the…

Shameless product placement

For the past few months, I’ve been obsessing on a Bath & Body Works product. I’ve never bought anything from B&BW, but there was something about their Brown Sugar & Fig Body Butter that compelled me to throw fourteen bucks at a salesgirl, speed home and butter myself up. And ooooh, the fresh creamery-butter goodness….

Vashon, Vash-off

Grammy and the girls and I took a scouting expedition to Vashon Island as a potential place for the folks to settle once they’s all relocated here in a year or two, and also as a possibility for Mike and I once the niblets hit school-age. The ferry ride? “Wawa!!!” A huge hit, and only…