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Kiss my ass, I bought a boat, I’m going out to sea.

Last week, one of my very first boyfriends died. It was sudden and shocking, and not just because Terry was relatively young and fit (55, and the longtime outdoors editor of the Tampa Bay Times), but because Terry was so distinctively full of life. Terry was… positivity DISTILLED. No matter when you talked to him, there was always something to be excited about, to look forward to, to achieve or conquer or experience, and a way for him to include you. His enthusiasm was infectious, and no one was immune.


In a half hour, we will be married. The Marriage Commissioner and photographer have yet to arrive, Krista time still to firmly, lovingly harass me into the gown, but just now, after an 18-hour ceaseless lashing of rain and wind, the sky has suddenly gone sweet and dry, and we burst onto our soon-to-be altar…

Love in the time of dementia

Today’s New York Times Week in Review features a fine piece on love in the Depends years, a relatively new field of study among sociologists and gerontologists. Historically, love in older age has not been given much of a place in culture, said (Thomas R. Cole, director of the McGovern Center for Health, Humanities and…