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Miss Misery

For the past 10 days or so, we the members of Team Glisson-Ortlieb have been engaged in a delightful yet spirited round of Bacteria Pong. Grammy got the viral ball rolling, deftly passing off to Eliot and Mama, who angrily spiked to Dada. Eliot then executed an unexpected hand-off to Nola, who regifted Mama AND…

Clinical regression

We expected to deal with some… issues from Eliot after Nola dropped — you know, your garden-variety jealousy, attention-seeking, aggravated fratricide strain of concerns. Mike and his brother are 15 months apart, so he had a little insight into the older-sibling mind, and according to him, this mind is exclusively dedicated to the art of…

Getting thurr luurrn on.

The girls visit the Pacific Science Center in search of the ever-elusive 34th Annual Model Train Show. Michael wows us with his knowledge of modular and sectional layouts from “Z” to “G” scales, thus affirming his true genus as Dorkus Homunculus. More photos.

The tyranny of DIY home improvement.

So this week I watched a show I categorically despise, for everything from its cloying premise to its shameless product placement to its twaterrific host — “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” To be precise, I TiVoed it. The reason: it featured a Kirkland family, one the local media had been covering since the megaphone-wielding ass appeared…