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The 10-year-old’s birthday falls at the lag-end of the Winter Break. Much as we celebrate her, it’s a dreadful time for a friends’ party: everyone’s over-traveled, overspent and generally nursing a revelry hangover. So this year, we threw her a half-year gathering instead. She wanted seven girls for a slumber party. And doughnuts. And indoor…

Sweet, funny Valentines.

The lesser kid holidays are always the best: painting our Halloween faces, dyeing Easter eggs, toasting with Jameson minis for St. Pat’s. And on V-Day, it’s always something fun to wear, a toy, and something the Sugar Nazi in me is certain, certain will be the gateway treat to dental retardation. (This year, a candy…

And a very merry

It’s merely the afternoon of Christmas Eve, and we are, incomprehensibly, done: presents are wrapped, cornbread is baked in preparation for tomorrow’s oyster dressing, gifts have been shipped and (nick-of-time) received, charity undertaken. I can’t believe there’s time for the luxury to write, to cut out more cookies with small floured hands, to lay with…

Jingle Hell

Later this week, Michael and I will have our five-year anniversary, and a week after that, Eliot will turn four. (Yeah, go ahead and do the fucking math, Smugley. We were in love, that socially acceptable form of insanity.) So what that means is that after several years of catastrophic missteps, this year we have…