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A conversation to dread

For no clear reason, the whole Jamie Lynn Spears debacle has modestly consumed me the last few days. While one would imagine that simply observing sister Brit’s Cavalcade of Atrocious Judgement would be its own form of birth control, it seems the apple hasn’t fallen far from the other fucked-up apple. The New York Times…

The tyranny of DIY home improvement.

So this week I watched a show I categorically despise, for everything from its cloying premise to its shameless product placement to its twaterrific host — “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” To be precise, I TiVoed it. The reason: it featured a Kirkland family, one the local media had been covering since the megaphone-wielding ass appeared…

Love in the time of dementia

Today’s New York Times Week in Review features a fine piece on love in the Depends years, a relatively new field of study among sociologists and gerontologists. Historically, love in older age has not been given much of a place in culture, said (Thomas R. Cole, director of the McGovern Center for Health, Humanities and…