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Canadians, kidlets and this case of 90-proof

Five documented days of Amanda’s visit — now minus the profanity! — following the jump.

Woodland Park Zoo, in which Mandy and I spent hours wondering if the wild animals were on the appropriate side of the enclosure.

Mariners v. Oakland! Vancouverites Krista and Ryan joined us to observe this “strange ice-less sport,” and Eliot discovered caramel corn should be the base of her food pyramid.

Cocktail par-TAY. The Canadians saved the day what with some emergency plumbing and extreme kitchen prep, and the overall mood was “joyous” and “blotto.” Success! (And Valerie, because you told me with deep concern that I “really do need to gain five pounds,” expect me at your doorstep every other day with a fistful of flowers. And a BRAND NEW CAR!)


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