Get your feet wet

Baby, you’re SMOKIN’!

You ever have those moments when you question whether despite the hip-high stack of parenting books you’ve read, or all the research into products, or all the money you dump into preschool, or all the organic foods you buy, or all the countless thousands of hours of thoughtful nurturing and caregiving, you’re STILL fucking up your two-year-old?

Yes? Well, allow me to allay some of THAT shit for you right now:

EMBED-Ardi Rizal – The real SMOKING BABY !! – Watch more free videos

That precious little dude is Ardi Rizal, a two-year-old Sumatran baby who smokes about 40 cigarettes a day. It seems the Sumatran government offered to buy his family a car (a car, jail time — tomato/tomahto!) if they got little Ardi to quit, but Ardi gets pretty damned angry without his smokes, so his folks have declined. Also, he looks great! “He looks pretty healthy to me. I don’t see the problem,” his father said. And come on, what’s cuter than a SMOKING BABY??!!

(Frankly, I’m impressed. Nola can barely hold a crayon straight and that kid’s flickin’ ashes like a hardened pro. I bet just out of frame is a half-empty tumbler of rye and a kindergartener waiting to play doctor, Ardi is THAT BADASS. Hell, *I* wanna party with that baby.)


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