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Amor et odium, aeternam.

This kitten is so naughty! The naughtiest in a house STUFFED with naughty beings! If she’s not sleeping, there’s something crashing, or she’s getting trapped in house spots that heretofore never existed, or she’s using Leroy Brown’s tail as a swing! But we all love her fiercely, even this big meanie.


Five-year-old: “Mama, can I help open Ellie’s medicine?” Me: “Sure baby, just hold it upright. Don’t let it spill.” Five-year-old: “Mama, I can’t open it. The cap just spins!” Me: “Oh, right. That’s because it’s a childproof cap. And you’re a small child. Someday, when you’re an adult, you’ll be handed many keys to adulthood,…