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Love in the time of dementia

Today’s New York Times Week in Review features a fine piece on love in the Depends years, a relatively new field of study among sociologists and gerontologists. Historically, love in older age has not been given much of a place in culture, said (Thomas R. Cole, director of the McGovern Center for Health, Humanities and…


Today is the auspicious 35th birthday of the woman who made me love women again: Salt Lake City’s Amanda Jane Mitchell. I’m missing her big bash in lieu of raising babies, entertaining the folks in town from Florida and cashing in on the tickets we’ve had for 6 months — Kathy Griffin at the Paramount….

Sexiest Man A-whhaaaaa??

For those of you not living in the lone Tora Bora cave lacking Wi-Fi and a satt-phone, People just named Matt Damon “Sexiest Man of the Year.” This is amusing if only that Matt can no longer be poked by his Ocean‘s pals George and Brad as to their sexiness superiority creds, but it also…