Get your feet wet

A conversation to dread

For no clear reason, the whole Jamie Lynn Spears debacle has modestly consumed me the last few days. While one would imagine that simply observing sister Brit’s Cavalcade of Atrocious Judgement would be its own form of birth control, it seems the apple hasn’t fallen far from the other fucked-up apple.

The New York Times (All the News That’s Fit for a Teachable Moment!) has even weighed in on the mess with a how-to on explaining Zoey’s knock-uppedness to little chilluns. And while I praise Jeebus that Eliot is years away from discovering Bratz or anything tween-directed that hurtles us nearer toward The Talk, I still plan to beat Jamie Lynn’s successors to the punch with this German book.

(Danke Marie-Isabelle Resenberg.)

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