Get your feet wet

Her limerick was filthier

So in a moment alone together the other night, the four-year-old pipes up with a fragment of her latest mental gymnastics: “Mama! ‘Bell’ rhymes with ‘HELL’!!” Precious, am I right?! I mean, that’s one adorable plate-load of Sugar/Spice/Nice&#169 we’ve got right there! (And I wonder why none of the other preschool Mommies will talk to…

White-trash hybrid

Across the street from Eliot’s preschool is an auto repair shop, and every day I see this exceptional piece of American engineering parked out front: Yeah, I know: BITCHIN’!! But why do I really care? Because if you look closely, you’ll realize it’s an El Camino. . . with the front end of a Camaro….